【Henna 課程公告】為提供更好的使用者體驗,近期將進行網站的改版與維護,為不影響同學的學習權益,現有課程將陸續轉往 HiSKIO,請同學留意信件通知喔!

Fundraising Course

【異國風情類刺青】不會畫畫也能勾勒出百變圖騰!印度 Henna 人體彩繪藝術


49 款圖騰元素,從繪製到構圖技巧完整教學,一步步畫出令人驚艷的作品,更能隨心所欲畫出喜愛的圖案,找出自己的創作公式!

U.S. stock profitability: master the secrets of stock selection by investment gurus and bid farewell to a busy life

$1,350 – $2,970

One lesson helps you continue to expand your ability to invest in U.S. stocks. Whether it is fixed deposit stocks or growth stocks, you can match the stock selection skills...

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