Who says you can't invest in stocks if you have a small principal?

In fact, you can be a TSMC shareholder as long as you spend a few hundred dollars!

I believe that when many petty bourgeoisie first came into contact with stocks, their first thought was "My initial principal was only tens of thousands or even a few thousand yuan... But I saw that the stocks on the market each took tens of thousands of dollars, such as TSMC. One sheet costs about 250,000...Is it suitable for you to invest in stocks?" In fact, this concept is incorrect-even with a small amount of principal, you can become one of the shareholders of a large company! Today, I will introduce two little knowledge that petty bourgeoisie should have when investing in stocks, and learn how to gradually accumulate small capital into substantial capital~

Make good use of the small investment mechanism of "trading of odd shares"

Adopt a "fixed fixed amount" method to invest in a fixed monthly appropriation

Taking the situation of the Taiwan stock market as an example, although the stock price represents the "per share" price, during normal trading hours (9 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.), we can only trade "the entire stock". And a stock represents 1,000 shares, that is to say, if you want to buy a 250 yuan per share of TSMC, you need to prepare a price of 250*1,000=250,000 Taiwan dollars. But for the average petty bourgeoisie, this kind of money is too huge, and it is simply difficult to immediately put out more than 200,000 investment...

So if we want to invest in stocks that we are optimistic about but are discouraged by the price, we can start with the stocks we like through the "Small Stock Trading" at 2:30 pm every day! Assuming that you want to become a shareholder of TSMC, you can buy shares in units of shares through fractional stock trading: for example, you can buy one share for only 250 yuan. By analogy, even if the principal on hand is less than 200,000, it can slowly accumulate from odd shares and finally become a complete TSMC stock!

Although the current fractional stock trading in the Taiwan stock market is more troublesome, not only is there no way to freely enter and exit at any time, and the handling fee is also a big consideration, some brokers have provided some "fixed fixed amount" deposit plans to choose from, every month It will automatically allocate a fixed amount of money to help you buy odd shares, which can save a lot of processing costs, and it is a very suitable investment method for petty bourgeois! In the future, the Taiwan stock market will also have the opportunity to open the mode of intraday trading of odd stocks to make the operation more flexible. It can be imagined that odds stock trading will only become more convenient and popular in the future. It may not be a good thing to understand how to use it first~

Carefully choose a securities firm that suits you to open an account

Minimize the proportion of "handling fees" expenses to the principal!

In addition to the odd share investment model, petty bourgeoisie also need to pay special attention to the ratio of "handling fees" to the principal! After all, the principal is not too much... If the profit is eaten up by the additional expenses, it is really not worth the gain. At present, the public service fee is 0.1425% of the stock price, and it is charged once in and out. Each time a low purchase is 20 yuan. Although most brokers usually give a 40% discount on the handling fee, the transaction price is about $23,390 or less. When it counts for 20 yuan, assuming that sometimes you just want to buy a stock of more than 10,000 yuan, the 40 yuan handling fee for back and forth has already accounted for 0.4% of your principal. It is not to mention that it is absolutely scary if it accumulates over a long period of time...

Fortunately, many smaller brokerages now offer discounts of less than 50%, or 2~3%, and the discount is even lower, even less than 10 yuan. If you don’t need financing or financing, Coupons, petty bourgeoisie will be more suitable to find these brokers to open an account, greatly reducing the expense of handling fees~

In summary, in addition to cost considerations, the petty bourgeoisie still depends on their own needs and preferences to make a more appropriate choice in investment practice. I hope the above two concepts can help you to some extent~